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Clients and potential clients often ask us if we have a standard range of services. The answer to that question is yes … and no!

Yes of course we do have a well-established catalogue of services, both for on site and within our UKAS accredited laboratory, but the list is by no means definitive and because virtually every project we undertake is different, then we have to be increasingly versatile and flexible in our approach.

In other words, we have all the experience, the qualifications, the expertise and the infrastructure that is needed in order to individually tailor our services so that they match our clients’ specific requirements - exactly.

Our client list is a reflection of the impressive extent and versatility of our range of services in that it includes many of the UK’s biggest (as well as smallest) organisations. These include: major construction companies, national building contractors and some of the country’s most esteemed structural consulting engineering concerns. It also includes an increasing number of local authorities as well as statutory bodies. If this is not impressive enough, our services are also regularly commissioned by national housing developers, smaller domestic builders and often by homeowners who require our geotechnical expertise and assurance regarding ground suitability for house building projects and even home extensions. Murray Rix is also frequently contacted by insurance loss adjustors and legal services to provide expert opinion on what can be disputed claims and complex litigation disputes.

Broadly speaking our services can be divided into two distinct disciplines: Site Services and Laboratory Services. Each of these however, can then be further categorised.

Our Site Services centre principally on-site investigations, materials testing and soil analysis. Each of these services is conducted by our own in-house geotechnical and ground engineering specialists and we provide detailed technical reports along with professional advice that enables clients to ensure they arrive at the right decisions.

Our Laboratory Services, which are all conducted within our own UKAS accredited laboratory facilities, include the expert testing, evaluation and reporting on soils, aggregates, concrete, bituminous materials and un-bound and hydraulically bound mixtures – lime & cement stabilized material.

Everything we do and every service that we provide is completed in full accordance with the very latest and most stringent Quality Assurance regulations as well as to the construction industry’s highest expectations.

It is this total commitment to providing the highest standards of personalised service, combined with our rapid response technical support, accuracy of testing, analysis and interpretive reporting, plus the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of our overall end-product that sets us apart … maintains our difference … and ensures that for more and more discerning clients Murray Rix is the Number one Geotechnical, Soil and Construction materials testing specialist.

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