Site Services

Soil and Construction Materials Testing

Throughout the many years we have been in business and over thousands of on site operations we have developed and evolved a fully comprehensive range of services that are designed to meet every possible requirement.

Principal among our most in-demand site services are:

Site Investigation -
  • Cable Percussion Boreholes
  • Limited Access Continuous Flight Auger Boreholes
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (TRL & Super Heavy)
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Ground Water Monitoring
  • Bituminous Pavement Investigation
  • Soil & Rock Logging in accordance with BS 5930
  • SPT Testing
  • Dynamic Sampler Boreholes (Window Sampling)
  • Machine & Hand-dug Trial Pits
  • BRE 365 Soakaway Testing
  • Concrete Structure Investigation
  • In-situ Sampling & Testing (Laboratory & Site Services)

We are able to offer these services because we have the extensive experience, qualifications and the full range of skills necessary to provide an in-depth testing and analysis service for contractors, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, developers, property and land owners.

On site testing, carried out by our highly skilled geotechnical & material engineers and experienced materials technicians and drilling teams, can confirm the condition, characteristics, properties and suitability for proposed construction.

Thanks to our unrivalled technical expertise, together with the backing of the latest and most advanced sampling and testing technology we can quickly and expertly sample, test, analyse and advise on suitability and compliance.

This comprehensive range of site services, supported by our laboratory facilities and expert interpretive reports, provide clients with all the information and data they require in order to make fact-based and cost effective design decisions before committing valuable time, resources and finance to a project.

Our complete catalogue of site services is available from both our London and Manchester offices and we are able to provide a full UK nationwide service.

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